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Kids LOVE to cook, so give them the most memorable party of their lives.

See a Cooking Party in action!


LENGTH: 1½ hours

LOCATION: The parties are usually held at home. Each child will need a workspace at a table or counter. A dining table that fits 8-10 children is ideal. We bring the equipment necessary for the recipes selected. Or we can also arrange to have the party at a party space locations we have partnered with in Dumbo, on Atlantic Avenue or on Broadway in the Flatiron District. The additional fees vary from $150 - 200.

Another option is to have the party at school. We can bring the party to the classroom and work with the teachers to make it a success.

During the summer months, the party can take place in a park and the recipe can be tailored to foods that do not require an oven or stovetop.

MENU: The ingredients are organic and fresh. Before the party we will discuss your child's favorite dish and work on a recipe that can be completed by all of your guests at the party. We shop for the ingredients and bring them to the party, so you can enjoy yourself.

COST: For a party with all organic ingredients and the full services of Dough Re Me Kids, the cost for up to 10 participants is $925. This price includes party planning and two teachers who will deliver all of the food and equipment to your party site. Additional participants are $28.

Lesser priced options are available. We can provide the outline, purchase the ingredients and plan the menu, while the parents provide the lessons. Using traditional, rather than organic ingredients will decrease the cost, as well.

Classroom parties are priced according to menu and are $300 and up. Outdoor parties are priced individually.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs. All parties are flexible. We will do everything we can to make your child's party special.


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